At FCFP we want to Make A Difference...but what does that look like?

We are in the business of protecting lives, property and assets, but our ultimate goal is to provide protection in many other areas as well.  FCFP firmly believes that giving back to those less fortunate is our obligation – not an option.

Because of the hard work of our over 200 employees, we have been able to make a difference in many local and global charitable organizations.

Locally, FCFP has invested into various community programs and organizations who are helping those in need and making a difference in the community.  Some of the organizations include:

  • Mission Services of London
  • Yonge Street Mission
  • Fresh Start Pregnancy
  • YFC London
  • Rowbust Dragonboat Team – Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Glen Cairn Environmental Initiative to Refurbish Local Park

We currently have an employee donation program where our employees donate money that provides over 400 meals each and every month to Mission Service’s Adopt-A-Plate program as well as through the Yonge Street Mission meal matching program.

Globally, we have partnered with organizations that reach out to children at risk and those who are most vulnerable. 
Hope Story works in various countries in Africa to address the needs of children at risk through orphanages and sponsorships.  
We are a dedicated sponsor of Compassion Canada with more than 15 children in many undeveloped countries receiving regular support from the donations of FCFP and their employees. 
In addition, we also support the efforts of International Justice Mission who work in developing countries to protect the poor from violence and oppression.

FCFP and all our employees are proud to be making a difference to those less fortunate that us.

Mission Services of London

Mission Services of London
Yonge Street Mission

Yonge Street Mission
Fresh Start Maternity Supports

Fresh Start Pregnancy
Youth For Christ

Youth For Christ London
Rowbust Dragon Boat Racing Team

Rowbust Dragonboat Team
Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Glen Cairn Environmental Initiative
Hope Story

Hope Story 

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission