It is my sincere pleasure to recommend FCFP.  They are high on the implementation of safety and have been outstanding with the comfort within our residency.

We have had the pleasure of having FCFP in our retirement home for the last 2 weeks.  This company offers incomparable quality and astonishing workmanship.  Across the board we are more than pleased with the professional manner that was used daily, never going unnoticed.  FCFP exemplified outstanding skills and are constantly proving project updates.  Their organization, reliably and unique understanding of our resident's behavioral issue was so guided and the care and concern of not upsetting anyone came first.  Their work has been impeccable and they can be counted upon to take any corrective measures necessary.

The management staff on this project has provided excellent leadership and was accessible each and every time we reached out.  FCFP has met each scheduled challenge we have requested for and have extended themselves to insure the success of the project.  I would highly recommend FCFP for any projects, as their people are their biggest asset.

Kindest Regards
Toni Low
General Manager


To Whom it my concern,

ARENCON has had the opportunity and pleasure of working with FCFP on various fire protection related projects across Canada over the past few years.  In particular, ARENCON has and continues to build a strong, reliable and long term working relationship with FCFP's Winnipeg office location.

As a consulting engineering firm specializing in Fire Safety Engineering and Building Codes, Arencon's project experience in working with FCFP on various industrial, commercial, and residential fire protection projects has been well above average.  FCFP understands and values the importance of providing quality, successful work while maintaining compliance with design requirements, specifications, and timelines.  From attention to detail at the early stages of project planning, to the efficiency and streamline execution during installation, FCFP provides a high level of workmanship and overall project performance from start to finish.  FCFP has always had an excellent rapport with clients, and strives to achieve a higher level of quality in their trade.

In summary, ARENCON strongly recommends FCFP for any fire protection project that they may seek to pursue.  The will be a valuable asset on any project. 

Alexander Yarmoluk
FPET, C.Tech 

Maple Reinders

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without hesitation that I endorse the work and performance of Forest City Fire Protection & Security. Over the past five years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Forest City Fire Protection & Security on an extensive phased renovation project and was pleased at their ability to meet all required scheduled timelines, provide commendable resources, while successfully completing their scope of work at high standards for the GWL Project Waterfall, London Life Building, 255 Dufferin Avenue, London, Ontario. The personnel at FCFP have demonstrated themselves to be conscientious and professional, with a high level of commitment to job site safety. They have been a pleasure to work with and often go the extra distance to satisfy the ever changing and sometimes demanding requirements of the project.

I would highly recommend FCFP for any projects large and small.

Lothar Mueller.
Senior Project Manager
Maple Reinders

PCL Constructors Canada

Dear Sir,

I am issuing this letter to recognize the professionalism and cooperation exercised by your team while completing the design and construction of the fire protection services for the Markham Stouffville Hospital Redevelopment project.

This has been a difficult project that involved a significant expansion followed by a multi-phased renovation within the existing hospital, all while not impacting the hospital’s ongoing delivery of health care. The efforts made for FCFP have been instrumental in being able to complete this project on schedule with minimal disruptions to the owner. The professionalism exercised by your project staff and tradesmen has made working with FCFP on this project a pleasure.

It is based on our experiences on this project that I am pleased offer my recommendation for Forest City Fire Protection.

Senior Project Manager
Paul R. Pigott

Bachly Construction

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently completed the base building construction of a new LCBO store in Vaughan, Ontario and were fortunate enough to have Forest City Fire Protection provide their services for the build. Forest City played a key role in helping us achieve all our construction milestones ahead of schedule. I found their staff to be courteous and dedicated which is a trait so often lost in this fast paced industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Forest City Fire Protection going forward.

Project Manager
Ken Dale
Bachley Construction

London District Catholic School Board

To Whom it May Concern;

The London District Catholic School Board has dealt with Forest City Fire Protection & Security for over 10 years with Fire Alarm Verification and new installations. They also deal with our day to day fire alarm concerns from all of our 57 sites. We are pleased with the quality of service they have provided and would recommend their company to others because of our satisfaction with their service. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with Forest City Fire Protection in the future.

Keith Cullion
Maintenance Supervisor

BIRD Construction

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for FCFP, with whom I have enjoyed an excellent working relationship on numerous projects over the course of that last five years.  They consistently bring a high level of service to each project both administratively and operationally which benefits both parties as well as the most important thing, the project itself.

I would have no hesitation in working with FCFP again on any type of project in the future, in fact I would look forward to it.  I would move forward with a greater sense of confidence knowing that they are involved and understanding the level of service and performance that we would be receiving.

Greg Richards
Project Manager
BIRD Construction