Having professionally managed Monitoring is an integral part of your complete life safety systems. We offer monitoring services for your Security System, Fire Protection Program and Fire Sprinkler System including ULC Monitoring. FCFP uses only ULC listed products and professional installation to ensure that you and your facility are protected at all times.

ULC Monitoring

ULC StandardsULC Monitoring is a National Canadian Standard for how to monitor a building’s fire alarm signals. They have developed a certificate program that requires both the installing company and the monitoring station to be registered with ULC and conform to CAN/ULC’s standards for equipment, installation, and signal receiving. A ULC certificate is the only proof that your building is being monitored in accordance with applicable CAN/ULC standards.

A building may be required to have ULC monitoring for many reasons including:

  • Sprinkler system is connected to the fire alarm panel
  • Occupancy of over 300
  • Over 6 stories
  • Building Class designation

FCFP and our monitoring stations are registered companies with CAN/ULC. We have installed hundreds of ULC monitoring systems for our customers and are members in good standing with ULC and the Canadian Security Association (CANASA).

No matter what your specific requirements are, you can rely on Forest City Fire Protection & Security to provide 24-7 monitoring service that will ensure that you and your facility are protected at all times.