Security Systems

The sad reality is that every home and business need to have some level of security in today’s day and age. Your Security System can be as simple as locking your doors, to an integrated wireless IP based system with a combination of Surveillance, Access Control, Perimeter Control, and Monitoring. Our security team will work with you to design a ‘user-focused’ system that suits your needs and make recommendations to assist in the protection of your premise.

FCFP offers installation and servicing for all levels of Security Systems, Surveillance Cameras, and Access Control including Card Readers, Biometrics, and Door/Entrance Security. We are a member of the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA) and have industry-certified technicians to install and service your system - no matter how big or how small.

Intruder Protection

The proper combination of sensors/alarms is the key to an effective Security System. An ideal situation would have a mix of perimeter control, indoor and outdoor sensors, personal protection, audible and visual notification devices.

These systems work together for the purpose of detecting an intruder, delaying the intruder, and then to alert the authorities. We only partner with suppliers of quality-made, ULC listed equipment so you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable product with professional installation and service at your disposal 24-7.

Access Control

An Access Control System is generally seen as the second layer of the security of a building. In reality, issuing a key for the front door to certain employees is a form of access control as is a username and password to get onto a computer. Your building may require additional access control to ensure the safety of occupants and visitors as well as physical and information assets.


The biggest challenge for video surveillance is to get the coverage you require, coupled with the quality that meets your requirements. Cameras can be situated in strategic locations both inside and outside a facility, to monitor and record the comings and goings of all types of traffic. Cameras are connected to visual monitors and can be watched by a security guard or recorded on an IP Network. You can have multiple cameras at multiple locations all networked and recorded onto a single system and accessed remotely with an IP address.

Once the job is done, let us maintain and service your new system and help you comply with your local building and fire codes.

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